Feast On This Retreat: Yucatan Popup Dinner

I had met Laura and Tim of Sullivan & Sullivan  (the Sullivans) just a few days before their first Seattle popup of Moveable Feat Retreats, and I immediately loved their open and warm energy. I don't know that I've ever met a couple that was so "go with the flow" of life and that have such a passion for living an intentional, soulful life. The first night we met, we talked about travel. I'm always interested to hear what someone else's experience taught them or what they discovered from traveling. I'm telling you guys, traveling will change you in the best way imaginable (if you let it and you're open to it). Anyway, while on the topic of travel, they told me about their side biz- Moveable Feast Retreats, which they came up with while traveling. 

The idea for their international retreats is pretty simple. Tim, Laura, and their team travel to a different country every year and create an intimate experience to submerge you in the culture, but in a really really cool way. No large groups and buses full of people to get to attractions, no guessing what restaurant will have the most authentic foods, none of that super touristy shit. They create an experience full of soul, and let me tell you, they do it well. From food prepared by a professional chef to the aesthetic of the accommodation you stay in, all the details matter and are thought out. You can feel the love and thoughtfulness Laura and Tim put into it all. They want to make you feel things and experience things that will leave memories. It's a community experience you have with a small group of other travelers that want the same exact quality experience, but without all the super fancy business. It's genuine and authentic in all the ways you'd want it to be. 


I was fortunate enough to be a part of their first Seattle Popup, with them having only 1 spot open. And man, I'm so happy I did not pass up the opportunity. Things like this in Seattle are hard to find, and you don't hear about them too often...I can imagine it's for a good reason. I'm kind of afraid to post this because I think tickets would sell out if everyone knew about them, and it sounds like more Seattle Popups could be in the future! 


For this popup tickets were $95 for 5 courses, and 2 Mezcal Pairings (Um, more like 4 pairings- Tim likes to keep the drinks pouring, and I'm not one to say no, especially after an alcohol detox!) Here's what we ate:

Course 1: Yucatan style ceviche - carrot aguachile with shrimp (fresh juiced carrots. Seriously? Yas.) 

Course 2: Grilled spring vegetables with chamoy

Course 3: Salmon, tomatoes and sikil pak

Course 4: Pork spareribs with charred pineapple salsa (this literally fell off the bone...)

Course 5: Chocolate, berries, cream, cinnamon 

By: Sullivan & Sullivan

By: Sullivan & Sullivan

At the end of the night, the amazing, super talented, Chef Greg and all his dad jokes, sat down with the remaining guests (now friends) at the table for a moment of sobremesa. Sobremesa, which I had never heard of before the popup means time spent in conversation with new friends, digesting, relaxing, and enjoying. I was so down for this after eating more than I could handle and having a generous "tasting" of wild-harvested mezcals. Candles still lit, mezcal still being poured, a sense of community, and the perfect Yucatan vibes... it was all so dreamy, like something you would see in a movie. I'm already refreshing their "Upcoming" page in hopes that another Seattle Popup happens sooner rather than later!

Also, did I mention their last retreat was in France- in a friggin' castle? Yeah, so there's that. 

-Tiff & Her Mezcal Hangover