5 Healing Plant Medicines

How incredible is it that there are plants that grow from the soil of this little planet full of bebop-in' humans, that can induce a "soulful journey of self"? Um, I think pretty incredible, and I'd like to think an essential part of the human experience. In American culture, plant medicines can annoyingly be categorized under "psychedelics" or "drugs." However, in places like Peru and Mexico it's a completely normal way of life and has been for thousands of years. With healing properties (spiritual and psychical), and their support in expanding consciousness, plant medicines are a beautiful gift from nature to us.

With the stigma attached, I'm still pretty open about my respect and my embracing plant medicines. I can't help but be so fascinated because to me it feels like this should be a totally normal and natural way of healing and supporting humankind. Having had my own personal experiences with plant medicines, I am more authentically me, more loving towards myself and the world around me, I feel more connected to source (God, Universe, Earth etc), have more of an ability to "go with the flow" and take my learnings and lessons with more grace and ease, and the list goes on. Seriously, it's insane how it has positively impacted my journey. And for others, these plants may naturally heal PTSD, trauma, depression, physical pain, and even save their lives. Of course, there are methods such a yoga, meditation, and therapy, that are all also healing and not mind altering, but may be less effective depending on your intention. Below are some of my favorite plant medicines based off of their healing properties:

Cannabis: One of the most popular plants to be eaten or inhaled legally (thank you, Seattle!). Indica, Sativa, Hybrids, or CBD (all different strains) can produce different effects on the mind and body. This plant can help with productivity (or reduce), fight insomnia, body pains, inspire creativity, lift mood, and increase cravings for kettles chips dipped in organic cream cheese. 

Psilocybin (Mushrooms): There's a reason these are called "magic mushrooms." In the appropriate space, with the right intentions, and appropriate dosage, mushrooms can activate feelings of well being, interconnection, joy, and oneness with nature. For some, their experience with mushrooms was the most transformative and profound spiritual experience they've ever had. Magical indeed and best enjoyed laying on a blanket outside under the sun. Just saying. 

Peyote: Native Americans have been working with this little cactus in prayer ceremonies for quite some time now. There are plenty of studies out there that say Peyote helps fight addiction against substances like heroine, and alcoholism. On a more soulful level, it is said to help achieve spiritual awareness and balance in life through experiencing this plant. 

Iboga: From the bark of the root of a West Africa shrub comes the healing properties of Ibogaine. This one reduces cravings and in return fights a wide range of addictions. An essential part of this process is that the plant will take the individual on a journey through past thoughts and feelings that contributed to their unhealthy behaviors. Not the most fun experience, but that's also why they call it medicine and why it could never be rereational...

Ayahuasca: "Vine of the Soul". Damn. This DMT filled vine and leaf brew I call a teacher just as much as a medicine. Ayahuasca aids in helping the individual in better understanding their life by bringing relationships, situations, and beliefs into consciousness to be processed. It's a very profound experience of inner healing work for those who are ready for it. I plan on sharing my experience with Ayahuasca in the near future! 

How do you feel about plant medicines? How have they helped you?

(Disclaimer: I am talking from past experiences and expressing my own opinion, any medicine tried is at your own risk)